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Consulting plays an important role in the development of companies.

The consultant has, basically, the function of providing improvements in the performance and competitiveness of the client-company, either through consistent observations, research, concentrated analysis, application of techniques as by the integration of creative ideas that interact before and during decision making.

The consulting process in an organization is extremely useful, since companies need to constantly improve their performance, productivity, strategic orientation and action plans, innovating and/or adding value to services/products, providing improvements in internal processes as well as in the most diverse aspects.

Consulting represents advantages because it is an external vision acting on the company, allowing a more critical perception of reality.

People who are already integrated to the traditional functionality of the company, either by routine or custom, stop perceiving fundamental spaces and moments that, well explored, are those that consolidate the success and growth of the company.

This is a very serious matter; consultants generate discussions that serve as a stimulus to the company’s managers to think, reflect and find joint solutions.

Another advantage in hiring consultants is the impartiality of their vision. This professional, due to his neutrality and experience, seeks problems, negotiates solutions and promotes changes.


In the current economic circumstances, competitiveness and the differentiated profiles of the services and products offered are the absolute key to the success of any company.

Those who think that the search for improvement is only for large companies are fooled. All organizations should pursue this goal, regardless of their size or activity.

The consultant is a catalyst of change who proposes ideas and discusses them, enriches them, argues and teaches the client-company to walk with solvency by its own means. It can be concluded then that no entrepreneur should have the illusion that by hiring a consultant, he will have a new company without making any effort.

Such a process can be carried out in the following way:

  1. Initiation: It is a first approach with the client for data collection. The objective is to determine some of the problems and plan the process to be carried out.

  2. Diagnosis: The problems and objectives to be carried out are presented in a more profound way, by means of a situational analysis and various tools, and the first actions to be taken to lead the company to an improvement, i.e. treatment, begin to emerge.

  3. Improvement planning: At this point the improvement proposals and actions to be taken must be established, once approved by the client, it is completely planned.

  4. Implementation: It is then when action is taken on the proposals and the solutions are carried out, they will always be directed by the entrepreneur and his team, guided by the consultant.

  5. Follow-up: The consultant will be in charge of monitoring the actions taken, keeping track of them in order to correct those that do not work properly.

  6. Closing: This is when the situation and results are evaluated, and presented in a report to see if the objectives were achieved.
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