Do you still manage your employees' schedules manually?

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If you have to write down your employees’ schedules on a piece of paper or an excel sheet every week, you are wasting time and money.

Today there are programs that were created specifically to develop productivity and decrease losses in your business.

The first thing you need for this is to have everything recorded in a computerized system and not in a manual place where you can manipulate the hours and do not receive the exact numbers.
Easily manage your labor costs with computer programs that will give you better results.

Where you get better visibility of your labor costs. Automatic scheduling creates the schedule for you. Keep your team connected and productive.

Integrate your sales data automatically from leading point-of-sale systems.

Start saving time and money on employee scheduling today.
This is an uncertain time, keeping your team safe and your business streamlined and operational is a priority.

We are committed to supporting your business with the tools and resources you need to do so, whether you are communicating with staff, accepting time off or planning your schedule for sales fluctuations.

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